SDE 3.2 for Eclipse [stability problem]

hi, i have problem with stability of my SDE for Eclipse environmnet. It often suspends while doing such trivial tasks like opening java class in editor (in Java Perpective) or adding some item in uml diagram (UML Modeling Perspective). I wonder how It works elsewhere. Does anybody has the same troubles ? I know that my description is rather vague, but there is nothing to say more, my SDE with Eclipse just stops very often without reason while doing some operations. (And the only way to do is to kill javaw process).

My configuration details:
Hardware: AMD Sempron 2200+; 1,5 GB RAM
OS: Windows XP proffesional
Eclipse: 3.2.0 (Build id: I20051215-1506)
SDE: SDE 3.2 Enterprise Editon (evaluation version)

thanks for help

Hi darod,

Sorry for the problems. May I have your log file for checking? You can find it at $Eclipse-home/vp.log

(I suggest you zip it first)

Best Regards,

log attached (isn’t huge so i didn’t pack it)


ups, now it’s attached

Thanks darod,

I just forwarded your problem to our engineers. I will keep you posted on any news about this issue.

Best Regards,

Dear darod,

Please try the following to see if they help:

  1. Update VP Suite to the latest release (via the updater at $vp-suite-install-dir/bin/VP Suite Update 2.2.exe)

  2. Start Eclipse with our shortcut (you may find it from the Start Menu)

Best Regards,