SDE blocks Eclipse


after create a new Java project, i try to start SDE-CE but it doesn’t want to start. The loading bar continues to do left and right but nothing is loaded.

Would you mind send me the vp.log file and eclipse log file to have a look? The vp.log file can be found inside the eclipse installation folder, where the eclipse log file can be found inside %eclipse_workspace%/.metadata/.log

Look forward to hear from you.

Best regards,

Got right the same problem.
I use
Ubuntu 11.10 64bit
Eclipse 3.7.1 64bit
Used this installer


Cool, another two tfaeures copied from IDEA.I suggest the next feature to copy from IDEA: Different visual markup for different errors. IDEA uses underline, red text and waved underlines for missing imports, not existing methods and syntax errors. Eclipse only uses underlined text for all errors.And then the next innovation to copy : Reformat code and work as usual, even if there are syntax errors! Do not force your users to fix the errors first.