SDE-EC Install


I am trying to install SDE 4.4 for Eclipse and I am not getting this option during the install process. All of the other SDE’s are available but no SDE-EC. Am I missing something? This is what I have the license for, so I cannot use this until I can download the correct one. Obviously the SDE-EC was left out in the build of this suite.

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Hi user,

Thanks for your message. May I know which platform are you using?
If you are using Mac OS X, I’m sorry that SDE for Eclipse is not available on Mac OS X at the moment since currently Mac does not enhance the support of SWT, which affecting our integration.
However the VP-UML (Professional Edition or above) supports integration with eclipse and performs code-model synchronization. More details about the eclipse integration on Mac OS X can be found at

If your license is SDE Professional Edition (or above) for Eclipse, we can help to switch your license key to VP-UML Professional Edition once so that you can integrate with Eclipse on Mac.
(It’s recommended that you try out VP-UML Professional Edition first by requesting 30 days evaluation key)

Please feel free to contact me if you need help!

Best regards,
Lilian Wong