SDE for VS Update UML Model Doesnt work consistently

I am using the SDE 3.3 build 20060922.exe. The Update UML Model feature works sometimes, but not always. For some ASPX pages it just doesn’t update the model or class repository at all. I don’t see a pattern at all in why this key feature is failing to work consistently. In some cases, the 1st attempt fails to update the model, but if I try again and again, it may finally work. In addition to helping me with this, can you tell me if certain processes running in the background may be incompatible with this product while running on a laptop or a desktop?

Dear lynngriffinjr,

Thank you for your post. Could you post the vp.log file here? You can find it inside VP Suite/visualstudio or VP Suite/visualstudio2005 folder (depending on which version of Visual Studio you are using).

Also, can you tell me what version of Visual Studio you are using? Thanks in advance!

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