SDE hangs up my Eclipse

I recently updated SDE.
After the update it doesnot work on my eclipse and hangs up eclipse. I have to kill the eclipse process …
Is there anything that can be done ?

Hi user,

Could you post your vp.log file here? You can find it inside the Eclipse folder.

Second, I would also like to take a look at your Eclipse configuration details. You show the details from the About dialog box of Eclipse.

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Hi everyone

I’m not sure if I should post my problem here but this topic was the most related to my issue.

For my studies I need Eclipse and Visual Paradigm integrated to it.
I installed them both (with JDK) on my PC and did the IDE integration for Eclipse.
My issue is that when I open an existing project with diagrams already created (at school) Eclipse just gets stuck at loading and stops working in Windows.
When I then choose to shutdown the application I get an error log.

Eclipse gets stuck on:

After closing the loading screen I get this error log:

May I know is this duplicated with the post ?

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Rain Wong

Yes it is.
I’m so sorry.
I tried deleting this but I made this as a guest.

So these posts may be deleted but the new topic may keep existing.

Hello NGDM,

Thanks and that’s OK.

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Rain Wong