SDE .NET - "Update to Code" in endless loop

  1. I created a new class in a class model (no associations, no attributes, just a blank class with a name).

  2. I right-clicked the class icon under the model icon in the Diagram Navigator and selected “Update to Code.”

  3. In the status bar at the bottom of Visual Studio .NET 2003 the text “Updating Code…” appears and the status indicator continues to move to full and the returns to empty and repeats continuously.

I’m using C# in a C# Windows Application and VP SDE .NET ver. 3 (Build 20050624n).

In addition, previous to this (and still unresolved), I was having trouble generating code for a specific model element (class). The class I explain above was just an attempt to generate code for something completely generic to find out if the previous class I had created was problematic.


Something set off the “Updating Code” (maybe copying a class to a new diagram) notification in the lower status bar and Visual Studio locked up. This time I don’t know what it was.

Dear Joshua,

Thanks for your message and we are sorry for any inconvenience this problem caused you. Could you mind send me the vp.log file to have a look? You can find the vp.log file inside visualstudio folder of VP Suite. Please send it to Thanks in advance!

Best regards,