SDE & Standalone application


If I buy SDE.VS2003 Professional (700$), then I get a stand-alone application, too? So, can open my VPProject without a VisualStudio?
I have tried SDE in VS, it’s great! My boss wonders if it will be used
just in Visual Studio…


Dear B.Joe,

Thank you for your message. The SDE-VS and the standalone VP-UML are 2 different products and need separate license. But if you only need to open the project for viewing (not for doing modifications, print out the diagrams, generating documentations), then you can use the Community Edition of VP-UML. There are some restrictions for using the Community Edition (i.e. showing pattern watermarks when you have created more than 1 diagram per type). But these restrictions will not affect your original project. For more details, please visit the Edition Comparison page at

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,