Seq diag - complex

hello everybody

I’m not a expert of vp but I trying to use massive in every project, for reverse too.

Now I could make sequence diagram in a java project.
The point : I need a in a complex diagram a mode for innest other seq diag inside the first.

1 ) VP help say it is possible but I can’t, The primary diagram become bad
2 ) If the primary diagra isa very big it is impossible work with it, it is not prossible to print.
3 ) If I do a single primary seq diag that reference other seq diag it is not useful

any idea? thank you very much

I’m having a little trouble understanding what you’re trying to do but if I understood right you’re trying to embed one diagram inside the other?

You have multiple options… One is to find the “Diagram overview” option in the diagram palette (the left side of the screen). That allows you to define an area in which you can set up a sub diagram. For example by assigning an existing diagram to this area, after that it will be automatically displayed.

Now… if I understand you correctly your problem is that when the diagram becomes too big it also becomes harder to display?

If that’s the case then my suggestion would be to keep both diagrams separated. So instead of adding a dedicated section in which you display another diagram you could also assign a sub diagram to one of the model elements. This webpage explains that in more detail:

I hope this helps!