Sequence Diagram gets munged on save, export, print

I’m at a bit of a loss… My friend reported it as a bug, but he didn’t get a copy of the bug report, so we’re not sure what the status is, if anything. We REALLY like the program for laying out Sequence diagrams, it’s the best we’ve used, barring a few bugs that have been driving us nuts.

The primary bug which is stopping us cold, is that when we save, export, or print, it perturbs the diagram some.

It moves some messages up, for instance, sometimes even above their source object.  More frustratingly, it will move return messages above the return from the next level deeper object, so it looks like it's returning something before it gets it.

On Save, it perturbs the drawing AFTER save thank goodness, but Print and Export get munged beforehand.

It's definitely a credit to the tool and the developers that despite being unable to print or export that I find it a very, very good tool...  I built a simpler version of the diagram I sent in, and it worked flawlessly.  Add a little more complexity, and it starts to die on any outputting.

A bug was filed, but done via the web site interface, not the program itself.  The filed bug has a zip that includes the project, screenshots of the problem, with before, during, and after for the print dialog, and it's very visible how it twists the diagram, even if you cancel the print.

Hopefully you can give us some ideas what we can do to work around, or otherwise use this program to its full effectiveness.  A fix for the diagram juggling would be GREAT.

The sequence diagram sent in the bug report demonstrates the bug on all versions I've tried (OSX and Windows), under a completely new install as well.  Simpler sequences don't have a problem, though...

If it's something we're doing wrong that somehow tainted that project, or it's an on-purpose 'feature' of the Community Edition, or it's just a bug, any way it goes, I'd be glad to know it, as right now it's nerve-wracking...

Despite the trouble, please do accept our compliments on a beautiful and very useful program!

– Roger Harrison & Morgan Schweers

Hi Roger and Morgan,

I sent you an e-mail regarding your problem.


We are having this same problem with sequence diagrams and sometimes in our class diagrams as well.

This bug is extremely frustrating as we could spend hours putting a diagram together only to have messages move out of synch and “munged”.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!


Dear Barry,

Thank you for your message. Most of the sequence diagram had been fixed in the latest version (VP Suite 2.0). I suggest you can download it and have a try. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,