Setting VPProjects per project?

I am just starting with Visual Paradigm but stumbled about an interesting problem. I want to use the refactoring functionality available for referenced projects. I originally had the project files in the worrking copy of a git repository. When I try to move an object from one project to the other I get the error message that, for this feature to work, the two linked projects have to reside within the VPProjects directory or in one of its subdirectories.
When moving the working copy of my repository to the VPProjects directory everything works as expected. However, it would be a bit tedious to move all the working copies which contain Visual Paradigm projects to the VPProjects directory.

As far as I understand it, when using VP in the context of a supported IDE this directory is located in the projects source directory. Is it possible to adjust the VPProjects directory location for an individual project?


Hi Eugen,

Thank you for your post. Currently, we do not support changing the VPProjects folder’s directory, but I have forwarded your case to our team to see if they have any comments.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung