Several Rose import problems

I am trying to create a UML tool which can import models from rational rose and edit it.
Can any one help me in importimg the rose model.


I’m using the community version of VP for IntelliJ and I’m trying to import a Rose model, but run into several problems:

  1. The data model is “flattened” out. In Rose I have placed classes in packages. The classes and packages are there, but not the hierachy. The packages are empty and the classes are all on the top level in the model tree.

  2. It seems impossible to move the classes in to their corresponding package in VP. I haven’t found any meny options or properties where I can assign a class to a package and simple d&d in the model tree doesn’t work.

  3. I have put activity diagrams in Rose as sub-diagrams to the use cases. These are not imported at all. The activity models are not imported either.

Anyone know how to solve this?

Hi, Jan

Could you send me a sample project that can cause the problems?
Thank you very much!