Spanish user

I work in a Spanish speaking lanaguage country.

Is it posible to set the program to spanish ?

Hi user,

We do have a spanish translation pack. But I am sorry that I cannot post the pack publically due to the policy. If you need it, please send me a private message, or send a message to my personal email address -

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Hello Jick, im also a spanish speaking user of VP-UML, would you please send me the translation?

My email:

By the way, does this translation include a spanish dictionary for spelling? my main interest in the spanish version is to help me on this matter, if it doesn’t include a spanish dictionary, is it posible to import one? how could i do this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi SalasE,

I just sent you the translation file. Please check your Email.

At present the spell checking feature does not support Spanish. We will consider this feature. Thank you for bringing this into our attention.

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Hi Jick,

Just a tought, is it posible to include support for external dicctionary files, the way oppenoffice does? or to support some kind of spelling software like Ispell?

It would help a lot user like me, or any other that wants the spelling check function their own lenguaje, and i think it would save you development cost since you wouldn’t have to make the dictionarys from scrap or something.

Thank you for your time, hope i helped a bit.