Stuck in an upgrade infinite loop (v12 -> v14 with floating licences)

We have a floating license server with about 10 seats. I was using v12.x up till a few days ago, then we upgraded to v14. I had been using an exported floating license. So:

  • I run on macOS
  • I was on v12
  • have en exported v12 license
  • now the sever is updated to v14
  • VP insists that Return the license before upgrading - BUT I can’t return the license to the server
  • If I manually download VP14.1 it won’t work because I have the old license - even if I completely clean the app with al of its plists.
    So I am completely stuck in an infinite loop

Does anyone know where the license itself is stored so I can trash/delete it.Or how to truly clean VP12 from my system? If I have no license then at least I can point at the license server and get the right license v14.


Dear Martin,

Thanks for your inquiry. We are currently investigating the issue, and apologize for the inconvenience.

Dear Martin,

We tested and cannot reproduce the problem. Under the normal circumstances, it should be able to return license even server has been upgraded. Have you got the problem fixed, or the problem still persists?

If the problem still persists, could you please tell me what kind of problem you encountered when you return license?