Support for BPMN 1.1


Are there any plans to suport BPMN 1.1 ?

Kind regards, Artur

Hi Artur,

Long time no see. How are you?

Our support to BPMN follows the latest standard version stated in the BPMN site, which is version 1.0:

We knew BPMN 1.1 is specified in OMG’s page. We will review the differences shortly. Do you find any features that is mentioned in BPMN 1.1 specification but cannot be found in BP-VA? We can perhaps support this first.

Best regards,

Hi Jick,

I am fine, thanks. How about you ?

For me the concept of signal (as a broadcasting enabler) would be interesting.

Best regards, Artur

Hi arturK,

I am fine, too. :smiley: :smiley:

Let me ask our developers if we can support BPMN 1.1. Will let you know the answer a.s.a.p.

Best regards,

Hi Jick,

I would support Artur’s request. And so far, my main interest would also the support of the new events’ type Signal and the difference between catching and throwing events.

I’ll try to find the time to give my feedback on other possible interesting improvements.

Thanks and have a nice day,


Hi arturk and Patrice,

Thank you for your posts. We are now studying your request. Beside supporting version 1.1, we also need to consider future advancement for advancing to version 2.0. We’ll keep you informed.

Best regards,

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