Synchronization between class model (only persistable classes) and java code

Hi all,

I’ve made a class diagramme with only persistable classes. Then, I’ve generated the java code from the class diagramme successfully. I added some attributes and operations in the code. And then, I’d like to update my class diagramme. I’ve tried to do it with the “update UML Modeling” option, but it doesn’t work.

So, is it a bug ? Is it possible to do it ? Can anyone tell me how to do it ?

best regards.

Thank you for your message and I’m sorry that we do not support perform round-trip code engineering on the source file generated by the ORM features. In fact, the ORM code generation and round-trip code engineering are 2 independent features. We recommend user only perform either ORM code generation, or round-trip code engineering on his models. I’m very sorry about this limitation. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Best regards,
Rain Wong