Synchronization of complex types

Is it possible in Class diagram to use user defined classes for class attribute as complex type that would expand to atomic values of defined type during synchronization to ERD?
I know it’s possible to create ORM Component Class but there are some limitations with this approach:

  1. component class is not visible among attributes of the class
    (there is very nice feature called “Show attribute and Association” in Presentation Options of an association in DB-VA 6.3, but
    i. It has to be enabled manually for every single association
    ii. default component association has both ends navigable, therefore an attribute of an not-component class is created in component class and, sadly, this attribute created by association is synchronized to ERD for some unknown reason)
  2. If I’d like to have class composed of multiple components of the same class there is problem with DB column names which are composed of component class name and attribute name. Using multiple same component classes leads to columns with names like Column, Column2, Column3,…

I’ve attached an image that illustrates the result i’d like to achieve. Could you please help me with this problem?

Thank you in advance.