SysML comment misleading

Visual Paradigm for UML is an award-winning modeling tool which supports UML, SysML, ERD, BPD and more, for designing application visually, and generating documentation, source code and databases. Visual Paradigm for UML is designed for building large scale software systems reliably through the use of the Object-Oriented approach.

This is a little misleading as VP-UML supports only the Requirements Diagram of SysML.

Of course, I am hoping that VP-UML will soon include the full SysML extension of UML. I’ve used fully-compliant SysML tools and I am greatly missing the VP-UML interface. However, business demands being what they are, I have to use the SysML tools.

Yes, it is quite misleading.
Are there any plug-ins available for fill-fledged SysML?
If not when can we expected it in the core product and in which editions will it be available?

In the latest release we already have full SysML support. You can find out more information about our SysML support at

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Rain Wong