[TeamWork Cleint-Open Revision, Revert does not work as expected]


While working on one of my projects, I made several versions of the project.
I would like to go back to one of the previous version of the project, view it, note the differences and then revert if I want to.
I am trying to achieve this by following:

Go to Team Tab -> Utilites -> Open Team work client.
Team work client -> Select Revisions tab-> Select the revision number I would like to view ->click open.

It does say opening revision however, it does not show the project at that time stamp/previous revision of the project.

Same is observed in case of “Revert” , it stays at the latest version only and does not revert.

This is a serious issue and show stopper for me. This should be addressed asap.

I am using latest Visual paradigm version 13.2(Build 20160904).I am with evaluation version the product and would later get the license once satisfied.

Immediate assistance would be appreciated.


Dear Rozina,

Would you please send me some screenshots about your steps on performing revert? You can send it to support-team@visual-paradigm.com for diagnosis. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Rain Wong