Teamwork Client Access


I am trying to gather content from various sources automatically and do some processing in order to present back in a particular format handled in a separate application, one of the sources of content is Visual Paradigm for the modelling element.

I am investigating how I can get access to the content within our Teamwork client in a way that will allow be to begin exporting the content in the various formats (e.g. .bpmn etc.).

Unfortunately I seem to have hit a bit of a wall from what I can see… I appear to be able to develop a plugin to allow me to export the content but that seems to only work with a locally installed Visual Paradigm with all content from the teamwork server available on the local system itself- this will not be the case for us as we have lots of distributed users contributing to the teamwork client continuously and would prefer to run this as some sort of automatic build job (e.g. Jenkins or similar).

Does anyone know of a way to access and export the content, maybe directly from the teamwork server some way?


Hello John,

You are correct the plugin is only working for local installed Visual Paradigm. You can make use of the command line script to let your local installed Visual Paradigm update the project content form your Teamwork Server and run your plugin to prepare the content you need. Details about the command line interface can be found at

Update Project from Teamwork Server

Execute Plugin

Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

Best regards,
Rain Wong


Thank you for your response.

That is certainly moving in the right direction however it doesn’t quite meet my requirements, which are;

  1. Checkout any unchecked out projects

  2. Update all projects that have updates in the Teamwork Client

The below script seems to rely on all projects being checked out and you knowing all project names upfront?

I guess I have a few questions;

  1. Can you use the underlying Visual Paradigm libraries to checkout projects?

  2. How easy is it to adapt the UpdateTeamworkProject to update all projects in a directory rather than a single project?

  3. Are there examples of invoking the UpdateTeamworkProject class from a separate plugin?