Teamwork Files Folder with Subversion


In the Teamwork Files Pane I cannot add folders or files.

I cannot find any folder within the project workspace folder that looks like a “Teamwork Files” folder.

What should be the location of the teamwork folder?
What should be the correct name?

Thanks for helping me out.

Hi rbloem,

Thank you for your post. Teamwork Files is a feature of VP Teamwork Server Corporate Edition. Therefore, it is not available to Subversion users.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Hi all,

sorry for resurrecting this old thread.

We are suffering from the same problem. And installing VP Teamwork Server is not an option.

Not because of the money. We just convinced management to by 5 VP licenses. But they won’t agree to install another sever for versioning our models since we already have SVN and old CVS servers. Actually SVN support was one requirement when we thought about which tool to use. To find out now that it’s not fully featured is kind of disappointing.

Is there any workaround you can offer. What we want to do is attach files (e.g. documents, images) and templates for report creation to the model and have them versioned all together using SVN.

Thanks for your help, apart from the mentioned issue it’s great tool,