Terms glossary

I think terms glossary is very useful tool in VP.
Is it possible to make relations terms with classes, where there are realized? For examle: when I work with class diagram (include attributes) I would like to see term explanation in hint.

Where terms are used at all? I see them inside tab “Flow of Events” in use cases. Somewhere else?

Best regards, Sergasd.

Hi Sergasd,

Thanks for your post. We will support highlight on class members if it’s an glossary, and tooltip will be shown when move the mouse cursor on the glossary term. This will be available in VP Suite 4.2 SP1.

And I would like to take this chance to announce that in coming VP Suite 4.2, we will support highlight glossary terms in Documentation pane/Documentation field in specification dialog, and you can create glossary from Documentation as well. VP Suite 4.2 will be released on 11th January 2010.

At the moment, if you create glossary terms from Flow of Events of use case details editor and Textual Analysis, and glossary terms will be highlighted. Specifically in Flow of Events, tooltip of glossary term will be shown if you hover the mouse cursor on it. Please feel free to ask if there is any further question.

Best regards,
Lilian WOng