Testing of Beta 2


I’m currently evalutaing CASE tools and the SDE for VS.NET 2005 is one of the selected tools to evaluate. I have found a problem (bug) with the Beta 2.

I’m using the Developer version of VS.NET 2005.

I’m sorry to say that the following sequence of steps does not always result in that Visual Studio stops responding, but I have managed to reproduce the problem several times.

  • Start VS.NET 2005
  • Create new C# class library project
  • Open solution explorer
  • Select Class1.cs and right click to open SDE EE
  • The “Project Structure” dialog box then pops up.
  • Click in the Path text box
  • Visual Studio now stops responding.

Notice: In the about box it says that the SDE is created for VS.NET 2003

Best Regards
/Klas Fischer

Hi Again,

The problem has expanded…

Visual Studio freezes almost everytime I use the SDE. It works for some time and then it freezes. It freezes realy quick if I try to add some elements to a class diagram. I tried it at some other computers with the same result.

I have installed the latest JAVA Runtime from SUN, but it still freezes.
I currently use Windows 2000. Is Windows XP required?


Hi Klas,

Thank you for your post. We’re sorry to hear that Beta2 freeze your VS. Our engineers are currently working to solve the problem and hope to reach a resolution shortly.

I will keep you posted for any news related to this problem.

Best Regards,

Hi again,

I think I’ve worked it out, why my IDE freezes.
The problem was which JAVA runtime I had installed when I installed the SDE.
I have now uninstalled the SDE and installed it again (after the newest runtime were installed) and now it works!

Some comments on the IDE.
Why doesn’t your diagrams make use of the integrated toolbox tab in the VS.NET IDE?
It would be much more consistent with the rest of the IDE.

Is it possible to not make the dialog box for “Open Class Specification” not modal?
It is very usefull to have it open and still be able to work in the IDE.


So I thought…

It worked well for a while, but then it stopped working again.
It freezes mostly when I open dialog boxes or work in diagrams.

It is very frustrating.
The tool looks very promising, but I cannot test it as much as I would like.


After 1-hour playing I uninstalled this product - work together with VS 2005 is impossible. It freezes all my VS.

With hope and waiting to final and stable release.

I am sorry Stanislaw. Could you remember what you have done before SDE-VS freezing your VS? This would be very important for us to solve this problem. Thank you.

Ok, I done these steps:

  1. Open my VS class library project (VB.NET). VS opens without loading VP
  2. Go to the Tools and choose Load VP (I don’t remember full name of this command)
  3. In the Models tree I create a class model
  4. I right-click on some of my class and choose Update UML
    5 Then In the Object browser (VP’s tab) I drag class I updated UML into model body
    ----------------------------------------------------- this is all ok, freeze begins below:
    6 When I try to double click to make some changes - all freezes

Is there any resolution to this? I’m able to freeze VS 2005 by

  1. creating a new Win32 console project
  2. from the Solution Explorer, start SDE VS
  3. go to the model tab
  4. create a new class diagram from the pulldown button
  5. add a class

When I try to change the name of the class, everything freezes.

BTW, I just performed an update (within the last 15 minutes). The same thing occurred before I did so. I was hoping the update might take care of this.


This behaviour was in my IDE too.

It’s unfortunate, because the tool looks it has a lot of promise, but we’re stuck to VS2005 and will have to make a modeling tool decision soon. It’s hard to hold off a purchase from that OTHER vendor (who also doesn’t support VS2005, but has a standalone product) based on this beta. I realize it’s beta and it seems like VP is doing good work – not knocking SDE at all.

I should point out that we need C++ codegen/reverse eng (full roundtripping).