Textual Analisys - candidate class rename


I like your tool , and i’m trying to use as more as possible textual analysis diagrams.
There is one issue that i would like to depict.

  • textual diag: define an actor
  • generate model
  • textual diag -> dictionary view: rename actor
  • generated model: is same as before
  • textual diag: type remains as "Generated Model"
    Expected result:
  • textual diag actor (candidate class) name to be in sync with generated model

Sounds ok?

VpUml versions used:

  • 6.0 build 20070202

Thank you,
Mihai Sz.

Hello Mihai Sz.,

Thank you for your post. I regret that the textual analysis is not supposed to be used in this way. I suggest you create a new candidate item for the renamed text.

Best regards,

Hi Jick,

thanks for your quick reply, I will say that at least the tool should guide the user, in a way or other, to follow the …right path/way only.

So VpUml should, at least, not let the user rename the Candidate Class (I’m not saying about the extracted text renaming), if it has no further sense/usage in the actual given way.

But you may also think from ICONIX perspective , at least as I understood , there is not only one way between the textual diag and use cases or other diags, you may want to further improve the used text (from textual diag) also for further usage (in usecase, robustness, sequence diags, docs).

You have a great tool,

Hi Mihai,

I will talk to our developers about this. Thanks for your reply.

Best regards,