Textual Analysis: Font Size Change not tracking for list numbers

I can change the size of the font (the default 22 is a bit large, so I shifted to 10), but when I create a numbered list, the numbers do not track the font size or type. They appear to stay at 22. is there a way to change that to default on a different size? Or is there a way that it should correctly track.

I am on OSX and evaluating this product for purchase.


Thank you for your post and the bug report. The bug has been fixed. Please run the update program to advance to the latest PATCH release for the fix. For instruction, please read:

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Im using the free version of VP . same question , i search all the items in OPTIONS , only 2 place which is font size setting .
i change them to 18 . but . at Textual anysis , when i click mouse to write a new word , the word size still begin with 22 . i dont know why .

btw . i have installed all hotfixes , follow the post u say .

wish u can help me .

my mail box : haibo.lan@gmail.com . msn : ehblan@hotmail.com

Hi Hblan,

I’ve just re-test your case but seems cannot repeat your problem (see attached pic). The font size of the textual description should be configured in the font size button inside the textual analysis editor (as highlighted in the attached pic). Are you changing the font via this button?

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