Textual Analysis - How to send updated description text to class diagram


I have not been able to transfer updated “Class Description” text from the Textual Analysis view to an existing class on the Class Diagram.

The transfer works as expected when a class is first being created from the Textual Analysis view (right click candidate class, select “Create Class Model”).

Now, after creating all classes in the Class Diagram by the above method, I have updated the “Class Description” text in the Textual Analysis view and I want these changes to propagate to the Class Diagram.

The candidate class context menu no longer contains the “Create Class Model” or similar choice. I have saved the project, refreshed the project, updated the UML Model, even closed and opened Eclipse.

The changes made are visible in the Textual Analysis view, but the Class Diagram view still shows the original text.

Have I missed something?

Eclipse 3.2.1 Build id: M20060921-0945
SDE for Eclipse ver 4.0 build 20061218
Windows XP sp2

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Hello Glen,

You can create only one class model from a candidate class. If you deleted the class model you created before, you can create it again from candidate class again.

I will discuss with our team to see if we can support updating from Textual Analysis to Class Diagram.

Best regards,