The biggest Memory usage ever seen


can someone explain to me why does run_vpuml.exe process is always, and I mean ALWAYS, using a memory usage between 298.000 K and 310.000 K + Virtual memory between 350.000 K and 380.000 K!!!

How can this be possible ?!

I have to shut down the VP and start over again! Can somebody help me to solve the problem ? :?

OS: Windows XP SP2
java: Version 1.5.0 (build 1.5.0_04-b05)
Visual Paradigm version: community


Could you mind tell me which version of VP-UML that you are using (build number)? Also what is the scale project (how many diagrams and models)? Thanks!

hello, here is the answer for your question.

Visual paradigm: version 5.0 (build 20050624)
diagrams: I have 12 use cases, 9 classes, 3 state, 3 component and 4 sequence.

But this is a no finished project.


We have tested with some larger scale projects and it works fine. One of the reason about the memory usage is the version that you are using is quite out-dated (the current build is 20050624s). I suggest you can try update to the latest version. Also when editing the diagrams, keep closing those unused diagrams could help to improve the memory usage. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

thanks, I installed the new version and it works fine! :slight_smile:

Best Regards