The contents of a referenced (from a usecase) file do not showup in the report

I have a table (5rowsX5colums) that needs to be referenced from a usecase.
I tried two locations

  1. Usecase details - info section
  2. Added the file as a reference

In the first case, the table is not formatted properly. (Vertical) Half of the page is filled with Usecase name and the table was not formatted properly in the other half. Columns aren’t listed side by side; Instead, they are one after the other in the report.

In the second case, the contents of the file didn’t showup in the report.

Is there a way I can rectify the issue in either of the above cases? or Is there another location related to usecase that I can use to insert the table?


Hello Raju,

Could you send me your project file and let me know which kind of report (HTML, PDF, Word…) you tried to generate?

If you can’t post your project here, you can send to my Email address at;

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,