Transition priorities in state charts?


How can we define transition priorities in UML state charts??

suppose if i have a state S1 and a condition connector, i draw two transitions T1 and T2 to condition connector from state S1. These transitions have same contions, so now which transition will fire first?

I need to give priority to these transitions, please help me how to do this?

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Hello Sham,

According to UML 2.1 specification, the firing priorities of transitions are based on their relative position in the state hierarchy. You can find out details about the firing priorities at section 15.3.12 of UML 2.1 superstructure specification (search for firing priorities).

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My god, i am a total layman to these things!
But i am interested in it!
who can tell me from where i can start?
Thanks a lot!
Happy new year!