Translation files


I’ve already sent an email to your support, but I am not getting any answer. So now I try it here.

I desperatly need the german translation files for "Virtual Paradigm for UML 5.3"
If someone would be so kind to post it here, or send it by email.
I would appreciate that very much.

Thank you.

hmm two days without an answer, interesting. Not a very polite way to treat a potential costumer. And only to mention it, I did not even recieve an answer to an official email.

If anyone of your “support” team ever happens to read this, don’t bother. I’ve already chosen an open source software, that’s working great for me.

I hope you treat not all of your costumers that way, because in the long run it will put you out of business!

Good day to you.

Dear Mr. Hufschläger,
I’m very sorry for the delay in answering. I just sent you a message.
We will release the German language file on AUgust 1st. I will send it to you by email.

Everybody interested can also receive it - please send me an email and I will send the file to you. In the future the language file will be included in the normal installation.

Thanks and best regards
Juergen Pitschke

Dear Mr. Hufschläger,
please see the new forum “German” for information about the language file and other news interesting to German Visual Paradigm users.

Best regards
Juergen Pitschke