Typedefs and stl


I’m currently evaluating SDE for Visual Studio because I want to use it’s UML features to create my C++ code.

I have some typedefs in my code and unfortunately, they don’t show up within the Attribute Specifier under Type. Is there any way to select those typedefs as type for an attribute?

example typedef:

typedef std::map<Index,Element*> TEST;

TEST will not show up as a selectable type for an attribute.


After some further testing, it seems that the UML messes with stl, too.

I inserted this into my code:

std::map<unsigned long long ,Element*> Test;

I selected “Update UML model”

Within the UML class diagramm the above line shows up as following attribute:

+Test : std.map<_Kty, _Ty, _Pr, _Alloc>*

I instantly select “Update to code” and the resulting line in my class is:



std::map<unsigned long long ,Element*> Test;



after passing through the UML modeller.

Does anyone know a workaround this?!?

Thanks for your help,

Hello Metron,

I’ve passed your issue to our engineers to follow-up and will get back to you once there are any feedbacks. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi Metron,

For the problem of typedefs and std, it’s fixed and deployed. You can download the patch in http://files3.visual-paradigm.com/200803/Patch/sp1_20080311s/VP_Suite_Windows_3_2_sp1_20080311s.exe

To use the patch:

  1. Exit any running instance of VP
  2. Install by overwriting the current installation
  3. Restart the product.

Note: This patch is made for VP Suite 3.2 SP1 (VP-UML 6.2 SP1). Please make sure you have a valid product license. Otherwise you won’t be able to start up the product after the installation.

If there is any inquiries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong