UI goes wierd


I’m using VP SE ver 3.2, build 20040705h.

I was editing an activity diagram, and deleted an unused object I had floating about (I was trying different things to see what they looked like). Then, and every time I open the project, the screen (all the menus, toolbars, diagram, view, everything really) only refreshes when I roll the mouse over it, and I can’t reallly do much.

In the Diagram Tree View there seems to be an element called ‘No Model’ which I can’t delete, no delete appears on the context menu…

As you don’t save in XML, and the XMI doesn’t seem to work, if I export and then import, I get nothing back, it looks like I’ll have to redraw that diagram!

Any ideas?


Hi Iain,
I cannot reproduce your problem. Would you mind upload your project to me? Or provide more information about your problem.


Here it is. When I open it, the diagram appears and disappears as I scroll move the mouse. You’ll also notice there is a box at the top left of the swimlane called ‘Simon’ that can’t be selected. Also in the diagram tree is an element under ‘Simon’ called ‘no model’ that can’t be deleted.



Sorry, the box is at the top right!!

It is easy to delete it. Please select the strange shape, then press the key on your keyboard.
And the problem of export and import XMI, we will fix it in the comming release. Thank you for reporting to we.

Have a nice happy Friday.