UML Exercise

Hey there im new about creating uml diagrams and on my own initiative i just wanted to learn more about it!

i just wanted to know how would i be able to create a uml diagram of this exercise?

Imagine you are working for the local county council in their IT department. One service the council provides is an electronic list of forthcoming community fitness class opportunities. This is subscribed to by local health and fitness professionals so they can contact the venue and book their clients onto appropriate classes. Currently, the fitness class list is distributed as a flat text file each month to the subscribers (by sending the file as an email attachment).

Ultimately, provide a client-server application where subscribers can log on and obtain the most up-to-date information directly but before embarking on such a project they initially require a single-user, stand-alone system which will enable an Event Coordinator to manage the list more efficiently than manually generating the text file.

The data fields recorded for each fitness class opportunity are provided in the table below:

Develop this application in C# (using a multi-form windows application) and have been given the following list of functional requirements for the system:

• Add the details of a fitness class opportunity. All data must be entered by the user and not generated automatically; however, fitness class opportunities with duplicate id numbers should be prevented.
• Delete an existing fitness class opportunity.
• Display a list of all fitness class opportunities.
• Store the fitness class opportunity data to disk.
• Retrieve the fitness class opportunity data from disk.[wmv]
• Generate the following reports. These can be saved as flat text files ready for emailing to subscribers as in the current system (management of the list of subscribers and email functionality is outside the scope of this system):
 A list of all fitness class opportunities (sorted by id)
 A list of all fitness class opportunities for a particular day of the week
 A list of all fitness class opportunities at a particular location

At last! Sonmoee with the insight to solve the problem!