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Part 1 - Deliverables
You are to develop an appropriate design model in UML of the stock ticker application. Hand in:

• A Use Case diagram (or diagrams) and use case descriptions, capturing the major system functionality. You should adopt a consistent format for the use case descriptions.

• Interaction Diagrams (sequence or communication diagrams), for the client-side use cases, and for the system response to a price change. (You do not need to give interaction diagrams for the server-side administrative functions). Make it clear whenever a message sender and receiver are on different network nodes.

• Two Class Diagrams (one for the client and one for the server) with a brief explanation of your overall design. For each class, state its responsibilities, give a list of its most important attributes and operations, and any additional notes which clarify how it is used:

The Problem

Produce a client-server system that allows stock tickers to be displayed on the screens of multiple clients.

A stock ticker displays prices of selected stocks in a scrolling banner on the user’s screen. The stock prices displayed are those on the user’s “watch list”, the list of stocks that they have declared an interest in. The symbol, name, current price and most recent price change are displayed for each such stock.
The Client
To be able to use this system, the user must have the client software. When this is executed, it prompts the user for their user name and password. The system will authenticate the user, retrieve their watch list and start displaying the latest prices for the stocks contained in it.

The user is also able to view all stocks, add a stock to their watch list, remove a stock from their watch list, and terminate their registration for the service.

The process by which a user gets their user name and initial password is outside the scope of this system, but the user should be able to change their password.
The Server
The server provides an interface that allows an administrator to add a user, edit a user’s details, add details of a new stock and remove an existing stock. A user remains registered until this is terminated from the client.

Information kept about a user includes name, user name, password and email address. A potential user requests registration by an email to the administrator, but this is outside the scope of this system.

Information kept about a stock includes its symbol (a unique id), stock name, company name and price history data (a sequence of prices and date/times at which the price changed). The history data is included to support future expansion of the services provided to users.

The server receives real-time price feeds from a number of stock markets. Each time that a price change occurs in a market, the stock symbol and new price are sent to the server. All clients who have that stock on their watch list will be informed.