UML modeling for testing procedure


I am a researcher in a power utility company in Malaysia. Recently I have received a request from my customer to design a UML model for a testing procedure for numerical protective relays. The procedure itself was developed by them, and they have requested us to translate the written procedures into UML diagrams. I have discussed with the programmers in our IT department, but their opinions are that UML is not suitable to model a process, which in this case a testing procedure. Not being an IT guy, I have no bullets in debating with them regarding this matter.

I would humbly like to ask, does anyone has experience in modeling processes such as product testing requirements or procedures using UML? I can provide some contents in the procedure if anyone like to discuss more.


I would recommend using an activity diagram to model any kind of procedure. It is similar to a traditional flow chart. I would also recommend asking your programmers to elaborate in their explanation of how UML isn’t suitable for modeling processes.