UML Project Publisher - create somes links between objects


I used the Project Publisher’s option in VisualParadigm for UML to create a website of my project and I try to improve it.
By default, there is already somes links between the diagrams of my project, but my problem is :
I would like to link the “objects” (Instance Specifications) who are in relation in different diagrams, how can I do it please ?

I find this:
Each object have an id in VisualParadigm for UML, you can find it with the option “Show Link…” when you do a right click on the object and this is like “myproject.vpp://shape/fVXbqTyEwIEOOhcE/wqL7qTyEwIEOOhe5”.
Can I use this id in Web (HTML, JavaScript ) to do somes links between my objects ? If it’s possible, how ?

I hope I was clear, thank you in advance.

Best regards

I resolved my problem, could you close the topic please, I don’t know to do it.

Hi Jimmy,

That’s fine. Let’s just let the post open as we have no way to close it (unless we delete it).

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Jick Yeung