UML Schema

can someone explain the term “uml schema”?
I try to find answer by google,but failed.

Hmm, not sure if there is an official explanation on “UML Schema”. I have seen the term before used incombination with class diagrams and object diagrams.

What i guess is that the term “schema” is commonly used with XML/XMI/Databases the term “UML Schema” most likely represents that the schema of the XML/XMI/Databases is represented in UML (Class diagrams).

In case of object diagrams, representation of the main objects that make up the existing or new system requirements. Instead of using the term object diagram (as it should be) the term “UML Schema” is used.

To wrap it up…A UML Schema is a UML definition combining the functional and procedure dependencies of a database schema making it conformant to one or more of the defined normal forms.