UML with PHP

Hi, i’m fairly new to UML and i was wondering if it’s acceptable to use this object oriented design methodology with PHP? I intend to create a non-object oriented application with PHP however.

I have heard that the classes from the UML class diagrams get translated into the systems database tables in such instances, is this correct.

Basically is it an acceptable standard to adopt UML for such an application using PHP or should UML only be used to develop object oriented systems using languages such as Java etc…?

Thanks for your time!

First of all, thank you for your interest in Visual Paradigm product. Most people learn (or start using) UML or Object-Oriented Design with Class Diagram. I suggest you can take another approach. You may use the Sequence Diagram to model the interaction of the system. Following are few suggestion of using Sequence Diagram in your PHP application

  1. Draw System-level Sequence Diagram to show the interaction between user and the system
  2. Draw Subsystem-level Sequence Diagram to show the interaction between subsystems (could be a page) and user.

If you like, you can post some description of your application and then I can show you few example.