"Update UML Model" grayed out


I am trying to test out SDE for netbeans (CE). I have installed and can use it somewhat. I am trying to follow along with the first tutorial


At the second section: Code Reverse Engineering, I can’t do

  1. Select the Modeling menu > Auto Synchronization Disable to disable auto synchronization (we will enable it again at the end of this section).

  2.    Select the Tools menu > VP-SDE NB > Update UML Model.

because these options are grayed out. I followed the rest of the steps so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone help so I can actually use this program?


Hi Fred,

Code Reverse engineering is not a standadard feature of the Community Edition. The only edition which does have Code Reverse engineering is the Professional Edition.

I hope this answers your question.


i had the same problem as fred.

i like the software but wasted quite some time trying to figure this out.

I think you should amend your documentation for sde ce to make this clearer.

thanks, and kind regards Jason.

Yes, I agree with Jason - this is EXTREMELY annoying.

I have just wasted the best part of an afternoon trying to make the ‘update uml model’ option work…

If you are going to disable these features then please make it clear in the tutorial file which comes with the download!

I cuss you bad!

  • Matt xxxx

I have had the same problem, i have spent hours looking for what i was doing wrong. I don’t understand why you don’t state it in your documentation.

Agreed that the documentation is very misleading. In the description of the Community version, the documentation states:

“The Community Edition of VP-UML is available free of charge. Unrestricted in its features…”

Apparently the term “unrestricted” is used in this context to mean “restricted.” This is misleading if not downright false.

The documentation also implies that the Community edition has only two limitations:

“However, the Community Edition only allows a maximum of one diagram for each type of UML diagram per project and it is not bundled with an IDE. Furthermore, all the diagrams and documentations generated will show a watermark at the top left corner.”

This statement implies that there are no other limitations to the Community edition.

It’s like saying “Everyone is in the office today. However, John and Jane are not in the office today.” Would you expect one to assume then that Mary is not in the office either? Of course not.

Hi Metro98k,

The documentation is not intended to be misleading. When we use the term “unrestricted”, it means that you can use all the features in VP-UML Community Edition. All the features of the Community Edition are there. Hence unrestricted, however, the only limitations is that you can only draw one of each diagram and documents generated will have a watermark on the top left corner. These minor “limitations” are to stop the Community Edition being used for Commercial use - the product is still fuctional.

"This statement implies that there are no other limitations to the Community edition."

We are sorry for the confusion created, and would like to clarify that the Code Engineering features are not part of the Community Editions in both VP-UML and VP-SDE. A comparison of the versions can be viewed here: http://www.visual-paradigm.com/vpumlFeatureComparison.php

I hope this clears it up.


Same thing happened to me. Hours wasted.

After buying and struggling with the ‘Modeller’ edition, I even bought the Standard Edition SDE for VS.NET because the web site said it had “Instant Reverse”. No Joy; still greyed out.

Now the company is telling me that “Instant Reverse” is not “Code Reverse” and I need to buy yet another upgrade to the Professional Edition at an extra cost of $100 OVER the original $699 price tag.

I am NOT happy about being led up the garden path like this. Hopefully someone senior at VP reads these postings and I look forward to a satisfactory solution.

Like most professionals, I will pay for good tools, but I do not take kindly to being conned.

You do not use the “Update UML Model” as this is only the way to invoke the real-time code synchronization feature which is only available in Professional Edition(s).

The Instant Reverse feature is a feature for reversing Java Class (Byte Code), .NET EXE, DLL and etc. to Class Diagram. To see a demo on how to use the Instant Reverse feature, please visit the follow link under the section of Instant Reverse:



REALLY ANNOYING… I have been sitting on this stupid visual-paralized website since morning just because i wanted to reverse engineer my package and when I thought I am done with everything the instant reverse was disabled… and THERE WAS NO DOCUMENT STATING THE FEATURES SUPPORTED IN COMMUNITY EDITION.

this is bad , v.bad… I’ll try to post this thread everywhere i can with all the keywords to let others know about visually paralized products… and cheating that wasted my time and other posters in this thread.


Dear Sonic,

We are sorry that making you confused with the features. The Community Edition of out products is intended for learning UML purpose. All its supported features are only for achieve this purpose –allow you to learn how to model the system using UML.

As our product name: Visual Paradigm for UML; all features are building for UML modeling (for UML). The code engineering features is one of the “add-on” for UML modeling. Therefore we put it to Standard Edition or above.

For more details about the supported functionality on each edition, please visit the product comparison pages of the website:


SDE for Eclipse/ IBM WSAD

SDE for Visual Studio .NET 2003

SDE for JBuilder

SDE for NetBeans/ Sun ONE

SDE for IntelliJ IDEA

SDE for JDeveloper

SDE for WebLogic Workshop

If there are any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Great. You simply goofed up. On purpose? Maybe you thought that people would think, after hours of investment in your product (it took me some time to get it working on Mac OS, although officially supported, there was no clue about the NetBeans directory path I had to fill in), I am not throwing away these hours, I am going to buy this great stuff! Well, not me.


Dear Kees,

Thank you for your post and we are sorry for any inconvenience this problem caused you. During installation on Mac OS X, you have to specify the installation location of your NetBeans manually. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

How annoying?!? Why did I waste hours installing and trying to learn something that now I must uninstall? This one feature was the whole point of selecting vp as the product I installed. What a waste!

Actually we have clear information showing in the product page indicate code engineering is not supported in the Community Edition. Feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

Best regards,