Use Case Diagram

I’m working on a school project and was wondering if someone could help me with my use case diagram. I’ve included a screenshot so you can view what I’ve done so far. Here are the requirements:

This software system is developed to support mail order business operations. In particular software shall:

  • Keep track of sales ( including orders, payments, and shipments ). For each order a record shall be kept identifying the customer, the region, the salesperson, items ordered, the quantities, amount due for the items, and the cost of shipping/handling .

  • Record shall be kept for each customer who made a purchase in the past year. Such record shall include the name, address and the credit card # ( only one per customer.)

  • For each payment the record should be kept identifying the order, the credit card number, the amount, and the confirmation number (from the bank to confirm credit card transaction.)

  • The shipping/handling costs depend on the region and are calculated as a flat handling fee (region independent) plus a shipping fee based on the shipping fee schedule( region dependent.)

  • Support payments by credit card only.

  • Support assignment of sales people to regions by operations manager. Operations manager creates assignment records for all sales people to be on duty. The assignment record is created in advance and represents a right of an individual to sell items for a particular region during a specified time frame. There can be several different assignment records for one sales person for one shift but the time frames of these assignments can


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