Use Case flow of events tab

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Okay, I give up :).

I’m using the modeler edition version 7.1 ( build 20090918 ) and have just looked into using the Use case feature. I’ve opened the Use Case details and clicked the “Description” tab. The message in the tab tells me that I should use the “Flow of events” tab. Now this is where the problem lies, I can’t find the “Flow of events” tab. I know it should appear between the “Info” and “Details” tabs (at least that is where it appears on the various screenshots I’ve found on the 'net) but it doesn’t appear on mine.

Can someone point me in the direction on how I get the “Flow of Events” tab to appear.

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From my understanding, you will need professional edition and above to see this tab.

I was disappointed that my edition doesn’t support this feature but as long as the description tab keeps the table, then I’m happy for now.

Hi Mark, D6chung,

Thanks for your post. D6chung is right that for VP-UML, Professional Edition is required for the new feature “Flow of Events”.
Although Standard Edition or lower does not support Flow of Events, you can keep using the old format flow of events. Please refer to the following flash for how to model flow of events in old format in Standard Edition or lower (the flash is using Agilian Standard Edition as demonstration):

And I would like to let you know that enhancements will be kept on Flow of Events. For example, we will support generate activity diagram from Flow of Events in next release (VP-UML 7.1 SP1). Hope these answer your questions. Should you have any further question, please feel free to have a post.

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Lilian Wong

Hi all,
i have the same problem. I need to create a flow of events with the extensions and after this create the sequence diagram.But i don’t know how to manage the extensions.
If i create 2 flows of event in the same description what happened?!
but if a use case has more “scenari” i have to create more flows of events in the same description?
please can you show me how to manage a flow of event?!

thank you
and sorry for the english but i’m italian!!!