Using ArchiMate Requirement in Requirement Grid

I am currently evaluating the possiblity to use VP 10.2 as a complete tool for architecture definition, requirements management etc.

To that end, I started first by defining a Motivation Viewpoint (per Archimate 2.0) and subsequently wanted to manage my requirements using the Requirements Grid and quickly realise that this is not possible.

Subsequently. I tried adding the ‘requirement’ stereotype to the ArchiMate Requirement but again this did not have the desired outcome.

So, is there a way, other than replicating my ArchiMate Requirements to a Requirements diagram as Requirement elements, to achieve my goal?


Hi packux,

The requirements in requirement grid is a kind of SysML model, which is different to the one in ArchiMate. You can construct another grid by select Diagrams > Grid Diagrams to host your ArchiMate Requirements. Alternatively you can create SysML requirements from ArchiMate requirements to model the technical aspect of your system. The following video will show you how this works. Feel free to contact me for any help and wish you have a good day!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Thanks Rain, that certainly does the trick!