Using Images Customer Journey Mapping Tool

I am trying to use the Customer Journey Mapping Tool and I can see it is going to add a lot of value to my work. I would like to include images for the web site pages into the costumer journey flow. to do that I am using the “Set Background Image” option


My question is who to increase the size of the image in the lane?

As far as I can tell there is no resize option here. So your best bet is to use a larger image. Perhaps you could try to rescale it so that it better meets your demands?


Forgot to mention: a very good Image viewer / manager is IrfanView. It’s available for the Windows platform and can be used free of charge, maybe that can help you.

Hi Mohammed,

The width of the image is limited by column’s width, and height of image depends on width in order to keep aspect ratio.
If your image is large but scaled down in customer journey mapping, you may increase column width or set a tall image.
If your image is small, please try to set a larger image.