Using my own licence at the company I work for


I’ve just subscribed to a professional licence. I used my own email, but I plan to use it for commercial purposes as well. At the company I work for there is no modelling software in use, and unlikely to be in the near feature so I figured I’d like to use one I plan to use on my own anyway.

From what I gather I can do this, if the licencing terms don’t explictly forbid it. For VP I found this:

The article gives some info for the single-seat option, but not much for the subscription licence. Couldn’t find similar restrictions in the Help>About>Licence text either.

Could someone detail/clarify to me if this use case is legal at all, and if so what are the conditions?

p.s. Any pointers to some stackexchange or other site where I can ask licencing related questions are also appreciated.

Thank you for choosing our product. All the paid license, no matter perpetual or subscription (except under academic partner program) can use in any commercial environment or commercial projects. So you are free to use your own license to work for your company.