Using "Transit To" in code generation templates

Hi all,

I would like to use VP to generate some C++ API. I would need to customize the code generation templates to output as comment of a method the related requirements.

Those requirements are in the VP model linked to the method via the metamodel attributes of the method (Related Elements/Transit To).
So, my question is simple, is it possible to get access to the “Transit To” attributes of a method, a class or an attribute from the code generation templates ?

I already customized some of the report writer templates to do that, if I can do the same for the code, it would really be perfect !!!

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Hello Yann,

May I know you are using the C++ Instant Generator? or C++ Round-trip code engineering?

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I’m using the C++ Instant Generator with a standard version of VP-UML. Has the round trip engine access to more from the model ?


Hi Yann,

What do you mean by "access to more from the model "?

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