Valid community edition, but DIAGONAL watermark when more than one diagram per diagram type

Hi all,
I use a VP-UML community edition for my Bachelor thesis. I really like VP, but I have the following problem: When I want to create a second sequence diagram in a project, VP says:
“You are going to create more than one diagram per diagram type in Community Edition, which will cause all output in this project to have watermark. Are you sure?”

I always have the little watermark in the top left corner. That one does not bother me. But when I click yes, there are watermarks all over the diagram, and that makes it unreadable…

Is this behavior correct for the community edition? Just possible to make one diagram per type without the HUGE watermarks?

Thx in advance.

The warning is telling you what you will be suffering (the huge watermark) if you clicked yes, it’s still ok if you haven’t saved the project. If you did, just open the backup file VP last saved for you.

Hi Forum,

I also have the same issue of diagonal watermark all over the class-diagram. I need it for my masters thesis project. I am unable to bring back the watermark to the top-left corner. Can you please help me in resolving this issue. The diagram is big and takes quiite some time to re-draw. Thanks.


Hi Vaib,

Diagonal watermark appear when there are more than one diagram for any diagram type. This is a limitation of the Community Edition. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung