VB & C++ Support

Does the SDE for Visual Studio .NET run on it’s own or does it require
Visual Paradigm for UML to run ? Also, is there a scheduled date to include support for VB.NET and C++ ?

Thank you,

Anthony P. Mancini

Hi Anthony,

The SDE for Visual Studio .Net runs with Visual Studio .Net 2003 only.

By the way, we planned to support VB.NET and C++ soon.



So the lack of VB.NET support in the current version explains why the “Update code…” menu items are disabled?


The “Update code…” menu items are disabled because code engineering on VB .net and C++ project is not yet supported.


What is your timetable for introducing C++ code generation?

Dear Pat,

SDE for Visual Studio 1.2 now supports round-trip code engineering of C++. You can find more information about SDE-VS at our website: [url]http://www.visual-paradigm.com/sdevs.php[url]