Very Important

Hi there,

I am a newbie to AndroMDA as such.

I have 2 questions

  1. Where can I read about ALL differences between UML 2.0 and UML RT , their models etc. All i know is UML RT is somewat an integral part of UML 2.0 now. Correct me if iam wrong but please give me some links or ebooks or perhaps some books where I can find a comprehensive difference between UML 2.0 and UML RT

2.I posted a few days ago regarding this. Is it possible to export XMI between formats of XMI generated with Rose RT (std UML RT) to XMI in UML 2.0 format to feed into any code generator which supports UML 2.0 code generation ( which is the case with most code generators). Could you give me a clear answer to this?

The first question is very important to me.

I appreciate all your support!

My best regards to you all,

Shankar Gopinath