Visual Diff: Ignoring Create Date Time and AUthor

I’m attempting to do a Diff between two projects. One was created by Person A on Date X and the other by Person B on Date Y.

If I do a Diff, 98% of the changes are the Author and Create Date Time (Would the Create Date ever be the same??? It’s down tot he second).

Any tips before I wade through megabytes of chaff diffs for the needles of real “differences”?


I have the exact same problem and would be grateful if anyone knows a solution for the described problem.

Thanks fadh

We’ll probably hear back in 6-8 months. And then they’ll tell us to “send us a copy of your project so we can repeat the problem”. It’s like the reboot your computer response from the old days. I think tech support got outsourced for this product and there’s probably not anybody even monitoring this forum…

I’m sorry that currently the visual diff do not support filter out the model element’s properties for doing comparison. We will consider to support this in our future release.

Best regards,
Rain Wong