Visual Paradigm 15.2 ChangeLogs

Build 20181201

Fixed a PowerDesigner file import issue
Fixed nickname selection not maintained after project commit
Fixed several issues related to shape alignment
Fixed an issue related to project commit
Fixed incorrect page being opened when closing a process map after switching to evaluation mode
Fixed incorrect palette was shown for logic diagram
Fixed a Start page loading problem
Fixed transparency problem for connector end
Fixed configure custom enum caused keyboard not response
Fixed a process map creation issue
Fixed task completion status not updated in Scrum Process Canvas
Fixed a Python reversal issue
Fixed unable to include user stories in diagram
Fixed a typo in combo box selection item in Business Process Reengineering Canvas
Fixed a DDL reversal issue
Disallowed the creation of containment relationship on auxiliary views
Provided better way to exit from work item’s authoring page
Supported moving artifact in a work item right and left
Enhanced the performance of listing diagrams in VP Online
Changed a button from Open Input to Browser Input
Showed edit button when mouse over process map cell
Shortened the caption for a button in Work Item UI for navigating back to canvas
Revised several error messages and warning for better clarity
Removed redundant toolbar buttons in Work Item Composer
Supported adding lane to pool via popup menu in flowchart
Showed help message when there exist a work item in a canvas that has available update
Allowed users to select whether to replace a modified work item or to create as a new work item upon publishing
Improved the appearance of process map thumbnail
Supported resizing programes in migration roadmap
Showed progress bar when loading in web diagram
Supported opening Tasifier from tasks listed in data table in Scrum Process Canvas

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Build 20190101

Fixed unable to create process map from templates
Fixed a Python reversal problem
Fixed unable to create wireframe using Open API
Supported adding references to process map cells
Fixed a performance issue caused by diagram info shape
Fixed a problematic shape resizing behavior for web diagram

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Build 20190201

Fixed malfunctioned duplicate hotkey
Fixed connector misplaced in published result
Fixed reversed message direction when import Sequence Diagram from Rose model
Fixed a user story rename problem
Fixed SQL Server connection to a named instance not working
Fixed an Ada reverse issue
Fixed Doc. Composer performance issue
Fixed a problem related to C# Instant Reverse and Generation
Enhanced how properties are listed in ETL Table
Disallow defining tagged values name with tailing space
Improved Manage Reference window to show Remove Reference Project button


Build 20190301

Fixed layout broken after auto layout and commit to teamwork server
Fixed HTML source appear in a table cell in data table
Fixed unable to insert chart from VP Online to MS Word
Fixed user story dropped to Unscheduled
Fixed a MySQL DDL reversal issue
Fixed a C++ round-trip issue
Fixed unable to create flowchart in Eclipse integration
Fixed an error related to Visual History
Supported the new icons for AWS Architecture Diagram
Supported the new icons for Google Cloud Platform Diagram
Supported hiding WBS element ID
Supported including abbreviations set in form of Excel
Supported deleting projects that has bi-directional reference
Improved Russian translation

Build 20190401

Fixed wrong conversion of number(1) column type from Oracle to Postgres
Fixed matrix column header not fully shown in PDF report
Fixed unable to output wireframe sub-diagram with use case details template
Fixed diagram info shape description content not fully shown in postmania
Fixed ‘Find in diagram’ not considered when ‘Find inside model elements’ is checked
Fixed Enterprise model finder searches description only, not name
Fixed wrong page being displayed when closing user story editor in sprint
Fixed an issue related to cut and paste shape in ArchiMate diagram
Fixed an issue related to import ArchiMate Model Exchange flie
Fixed missing diagram image for PDF generated from Visual Diff
Avoided overlapping of shape text in Timing Diagram
Supported shortcut to navigate between entity’s columns
Supported a number of new diagrams in Community Edition
Updated Polish translation
Made ‘Jump to’ dialog box shows the path of listed elements even not being selected

Build 20190501

Fixed a diagram opening problem
Fixed empty original value (nickname) in exported XML
Fixed a Find and Replace issue
Fixed a project commit issue
Fixed color and shape legend not working well in Modeler Edition
Fixed Relationship Option pane’s size
Fixed project DB setting being erased when import sample
Fixed bad new line in ETL table
Fixed wrong alignment to use case flow of events when output PDF
Changed start page to popup CJM preview instead of importing diagram
Changed chart’s default font to Helvetica
Supported listing Scrum process data in Process Navigator of Doc. Composer
Supported importing XMI file created using Papyrus
Supported wildcard search in ETL table criteria

Build 2090701

Fixed an icon missing issue for image exported from online diagrams
Fixed an application startup issue for Community Edition
Fixed a Doc. Composer performance issue
Fixed non-functioning Affinity Table filter
Fixed a typo in Start Page
Fixed non-functioning proxy setting configuration (Floating license)
Fixed a Visio drawing import issue
Fixed a connection issue
Fixed unable to insert emotion chart into Customer Journey Map
Fixed actor information in use case description not being output to report
Fixed wrong syntax color highlight in generated SQL
Fixed an error related to undo/redo
Supported showing differences of tagged values in Visual Diff
Updated Polish translation