Visual Paradigm 16.0 ChangeLogs

Jul 22, 2019 - Visual Paradigm International Limited announced today the release of Visual Paradigm 16.0.

Visual Paradigm 16.0 introduces a number of new features, which includes:

  • Large-Scale Scrum Canvas
  • Form Builder: Design forms intuitively
  • Form Builder: Publish, fill-in and submit form
  • Form Builder: Browse submitted data easily
  • Pareto Chart maker
  • Control Chart maker
  • Histogram maker
  • Quality Control Canvas New diagram: Manage your quality initiatives effectively
  • Quality Control Canvas New diagram: 4 projoect templates (PDCA, Six Sigma DMAIC, etc)
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Analysis Canvas New diagram: Create Your Own Model Canvas
  • Integrate Guide-Through / Canvas / Just-in-Time Processes
  • New diagram: Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)
  • New diagram: System context diagram
  • New diagram: Arrow diagram
  • New diagram: Problem flow diagram
  • New diagram: Information flow diagram
  • New diagram: Affinity diagarm
  • New diagram: Interrelationship diagram
  • New diagram: Causal loop diagram
  • New diagram: Enterprise architecture diagram
  • New diagram: Dendrogram
  • New diagram: Cross-functional flowchart
  • New diagram: SDL diagram
  • New diagram: Audit flowchart
  • New diagram: Accounting flowchart
  • New diagram: Family tree
  • New diagram: Genogram
  • New diagram: Kinship diagram
  • New diagram: Threat model
  • New diagram: TQM diagram
  • New diagram: Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • New diagram: Site map diagarm
  • New diagram: Material design wireframe
  • New diagram: Atlassian wireframe
  • New diagram: Wired UI diagram
  • New diagram: Fluent Design wireframe
  • New diagram: Seating chart
  • New diagram: Huawei Cloud architecture diagram
  • New diagram: Concept map diagram
  • New diagram: Bubble diagram
  • New diagram: Decision tree diagram
  • New diagram: Timeline diagram
  • Form chart with Google Spreadsheet data (Dynamic link)
  • Kerberos authentication

Enhancements to Visual Paradigm 16.0 includes:

  • Replacement of bundled JRE with a newer version - Java 11 (For existing users, reinstallation of software is required to get this change)
  • Online diagram enhancements
  • Supported opening full chart editor from Customer Journey Map

Build 20190801

Fixed unable to show non English chars in exported PDF
Fixed a Visual Paradigm start up problem
Fixed unable to log in Teamwork Server from Project Viewer
Fixed an IDE integration not working issue
Disallowed replacing online diagram shape when it’s a grouped shape
Removed some menus for process connectors
Supported a new Order option that makes top level shape not being covered by connector
Supported opening the index page of VP Forms by clicking on the icon at top left of VP Forms editor
Improved the hyperlink of VP Forms templates

Build 20190901

Fixed REST API documentation missing embedded image in REST description
Fixed unable to output class member (view base) when different views are showing different members
Fixed unable to migrate legacy UeXceler to scrum for local repository
Fixed column’s unique and index not being exported to Excel
Fixed fail to generate database via command line of DB type not selected in configure DB dialog
Updated German translation

Online Diagrams/Form
Fixed selection shape (bootstrap wireframe) damaged upon resizing
Fixed copy and paste shape on web diagram (Mac) pasted 3 times
Fixed unable to copy and paste in spreadsheet cell
Fixed the wrong ordering of bars in stacked bar chart
Fixed unable to change date in PERT diagram
Fixed a CJM creation issue
Fixed form result lost after renaming fields
Fixed collapsed palette in some diagrams
Supported Text palette
Changed to show larger shape icons in More Shapes window
Changed to open New page instead of Open when visiting VP Online Diagrams the first time
Supported showing percentage in Pareto chart

Build 20191001

Fixed unable to customize column format in Customer Journey Map
Fixed views corrupted for views created from SQL database
Fixed recursive message on 2nd level of nesting not showing activation bar
Fixed import Bizagi missing data object
Fixed several issues related to editing reference in user story
Fixed database generation - index not dropped when index field is cleared in Column Specification window
Fixed several issues related to undo and redo
Fixed unable to display wireframe attached to the steps of use case scenario in VP Viewer
Fixed some nodes in Diagram Navigator auto collapsed
Fixed C# Instant Reverse wrongly reversed readonly as attribute name
Changed to show the figure of cumulative total in Pareto Chart in 2 decimal places
Supported modifying column default value for SQL Server

Online Diagrams
Allowed users to define their own diagram types and diagram templates
Revamped the list diagram type for better navigability
Supported searching diagram type
Supported accessing recently opened diagram types

Build 20191108

Fixed personal database setting lost when saving project as a new project
Fixed title of dashboard widgets not fully shown
Fixed Sequence Diagram generated from FOE having actor on right hand side
Fixed unable to delete a DB table column which contains a default constraint
Fixed unable to export online diagrams to PDF
Fixed unable to load the thumbnail of a Business Model Canvas
Fixed unable to search shapes in diagram palette
Fixed blank dialog is shown when try to edit CJM chart
Fixed unable to add project to managed list
Fixed newly created diagram page shows alignment guide (online diagram)
Fixed content being moved when adjusting the size of regions
Supported equalizing lanes’ width with Normalize Size feature